Flowers carry the gift of spiritual consciousness.  Alaskan Flower essences are my favorite to use at this time because they come from a place where life is actually very difficult.  It takes some of these flowers hundreds of years to blossom in the tundra.  We too are living in a very difficult time where  the mass conciousness expresses as fear, anger, greed, materialism and challenger-defender energy.  Some believe we are coming to the end of a great cycle of time.

These essences are catalysts for the evolution of your consciousness and are a source of intelligent healing always respecting your free will.  They are gentle teachers reconnecting us to our higher selves and the higher selves of all living things. 

There are 72 essences that were prepared after 8 years of fieldwork by Steve Johnson.  We are grateful for his work, love and dedication to the spirit and the essence that each of these flowers carry.

According to Steve, the flowers can be used for:

Emotional Healing
Physical Awareness and Release
Healing of the Heart
Attunement with Nature
Awareness and Activation of Life Purpose
Spiritual Growth

These essences do not interefere with any natural or medical remedies you may be currently undertaking.

After a discussion by phone or in person, I will select through guidance the appropriate formula for you.  I will inform you of any message I receive.  You will truly feel a shift in consciousness.