A Key to Infinite Mystery

The ancient technique of dowsing enable one to move non-beneficial energies that have attached themselves to the body, mind, emotional and energetic fields of a person, place or home.

Each of us has a story from the day of conception.  We have often experienced deep shock and truama from living this story.  The beliefs we carry have been established from our life experiences.  In addition, we carry the wounds and beliefs of our ancestors.

If the life you are living is not the life you want, the energies and wounds of the past must be transformed into beneficial life giving energy in order to allow new belief systems to be established and a new way of being to emerge.

Dowsing removes the energetic causes:
  • Blocking Prosperity & Abundance
  • Emotional release
  • PTSD
  • Pain relief
  • Repressed anger and rage
  • Mistrust
  • Blocks from emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse
  • Chakra clearing and cleansing
  • Removal of Negative Entities and Attachments
This healing can be done from a distance.  You need not be present.  Energy knows no time or space.  Clients from all over the world benefit from these energy movements.
The geometry of each of the pendulums indicates its best use for the individual needs of the client.