Using the Light-life tools designed and developed by Slim Spurling, your body, mind and spirit have the opportunity to come back into balance. 

The design and sacred geometry of these tools uses ancient Egyptian measurements to open you to information from your Akashic Record.  They assist in the release of non-supportive energies and to remove and re-align the body hologram of the etheric and astral bodies.

The rings and coils are made to the measurement of the Sacred Cubit or Lost Cubit. They are placed on the body or directed at the body where there is pain or distortion.

Life giving energies are released into the fields and balance can be restored.  It has been discovered that the light life tools exhitit the highest values of paramagnetism ever seen in  nature, with a recorded value of 18,000 units of paramagnetism compared to 3000 units for the highest known natural substances.  Paramagnetic soils grow the best crops and paramagnetic substances promote health and rapid healing.