Clearing Home, Business & Property

Your home is your second skin.  You may be very diligent about your personal health through good food choices and regular exercise.  But if you go to your home that is filled with excess electricity and /or geopathic stress, you may suffer ill health.

Where is all this excess electricity coming from?  It comes from power lines, wiring, transformers, mobile phones, cordless phones, routers, hair dryers, clock radios, laptop computers, TV's and all Wi-Fi connections.

Geopathic stress comes from naturally occurring grids in the earth called Hartmann and Curry lines named for the scientists that discovered them.  The waves of energy that come out of these lines are referred to as positive or negative.  Where two negative lines cross, energy waves are produced that are detrimental to living organisms. (Vertical negative green)

Wireless technologies are here to stay but researchers are finding more and more illnesses in the general population that have no other explanation than misuse of electricity.  Some of the following maladies have been attributed to electrical hypersensitivity: Numbness, weakness in joints and limbs, headaches, tenseness, anxiety, memory loss, sleep disturbances, skin redness, itching and rash, nose bleeds, hair loss, tinnitus, bouts of rage and irritability, thyroid problems, depression, sensitivity to light, cancer, abdominal pain, and digestive disturbances to name a few.

A home or business consultation will show how we can shift and/or block the detrimental effects of these energies so your home or business atmosphere promotes life, health and prosperity.


Click here to view or print the questionnaires for clearing a property, home or business as well as health questions for possible sensitivity to electricity.